Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Fresh Start | Re-introducing PrimadonnaGlamGirl

Hello, everyone! It has been over a year that I haven't written anything for my blog or posted any Youtube videos, and the reason behind that was because I fell out of love for my own content and creativity. I've decided to discontinue creating Youtube videos and focus on relaunching my blog with a major makeover. I took a year off to focus on college and other personal situations.

 Within that time period, I've decided to give my blog another chance and give it a facelift. I've redesigned my blog and bought my own domain name: PrimadonnaGlamGirl. I also wanted to start fresh and create this post as my first for my new relaunched blog! I want this blog to represent myself and hopefully, I can relate to readers with some of my writing. My content will not only focus on beauty and fashion but a lifestyle content of a college girl in her early twenties living in Miami. I love to share all my beauty tricks, fashion finds, and my current obsessions such as books, restaurants and music. I hope you guys will enjoy my future post. Till next time! xo

Welcome to PrimedonnaGlamGirl