Friday, April 28, 2017

Hydrate with Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Hello, Internet!

Its been a while! I've been busy with finals; however, spring semester is finally over! I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite beauty products that I'm currently obsessed with at the moment, which is Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, herbs, and rosewater.

I have a dry/normal skin type and with summer around the corner, I keep my skin extremely hydrated and protected. I came upon this facial spray as a skin pick me up for my late study nights. I noticed my skin looking dehydrated and exhausted the day after and I needed something right away to put on in the morning for a glowy and hydrated face. This facial spray changed the game for me.

For starters its only $7 for the 4 fl oz bottle, which you can find at Saks, Ulta, and Urban. Super affordable and the perfect size to put into your handbag for on the go. The smell is nice, it isn't strong at all. I first used it as a cooling boost for my face; however, I read the label that it can be used as a setting spray before and after makeup and it made my foundation look flawless and glowy. It prevents your makeup not to look cakey and it keeps your face hydrated for the day. The only cons I find about this product is that I see myself always spraying it like at least two or three times a day when I'm on the go. I guess it all depends on skin type and I wish the nozzle spray was similar to the MAC Fix plus ( NGL I'm just being picky). Nonetheless, this product is a musty try. It is affordable, cruelty-free and paraben free.
Keep yourself, hydrated ladies!

xo, Janice 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

OLEHENRIKSEN Balance Collection

True Life: I'm a skin care product junkie. 

I may seem like I'm obsessed with makeup, however; I love anything that involves with skin care. In my opinion, it is one of the most important beauty products everyone should look upon. Having a skin care routine is crucial especially for someone in their early 20s. Skin care is the beginning of how to prep your skin to age well and help with wrinkle prevention. A clean face and good skin texture is the first step of any makeup routine, our skin is like a canvas before applying paint.

Currently, I've been using OLEHENRIKSEN Balance Collection *. These products are for all skin types, controlling the oils of your skin, yet letting your skin be hydrated. I have normal to dry skin, and when I see oil control written on any skin product I usually tend to avoid, however; these products worked for my dry skin. It doesn't clog my pores, it keeps my face clean and also maintains my face hydrated with a natural glow. The smell of the products is minty and refreshing, especially when you apply the OLEHENRIKSEN "Find Your Balance" Oil Control cleanser , Eucalyptus is one of the ingredients of the balance collection , is what makes it perfect for applying before bed and in the morning after waking up. My favorite product from the collection has to be the OLEHENRIKSEN "Balancing force"oil control toner, you can see all the bad gunk coming off your skin and feel all your pores be unclogged and minimized.  My only complaint of the collection is the moisturizer. The OLEHENRIKSEN "Counter Balance" oil control hydrator, is great for daytime and nighttime, however; I personally like a thicker moisturizer for nighttime.

While these products are for all skin types. I believe these products are more ideal for oily skin. My final verdict for dry skin -  these products are perfect for daytime use only, but not nighttime. If you're curious to try these amazing products, they are available at and 

* Influenster and OLEHENRIKSEN were kind enough to send me these complimentary products for testing purposes, However; all opinions and comments are my own. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Must have: Morphe 35o eyeshadow palette

Today I'm writing about my first beauty post for my re-launched blog! I've decided I want to start this beauty post by sharing my current favorite eyeshadow palette. The morphe 35o - 35 Nature glow eyeshadow palette has been having a big social media buzz for the past two years. I decided to finally join the bandwagon last December and I was highly impressed.

First of all, the palette is just $22.00 (Affordable for the average college girl, YAS!). It brings 35 neutral everyday colors- a perfect balance of matte and shimmery shades.
My favorite thing about this palette is the color variation of orange/brown warm hues (which btw are my weakness) If you're a warm tone type of gal this palette is perfect for you! The shimmer shades are highly pigmented! I was mind blown on how blendable they are.

I also find this palette versatile as a  multi-use replacement for highlight illuminator, Using the lighter tones of the palette can be a perfect replacement for highlight to use on the cheek bones or any other place you would want to illuminate. I sometimes use the matte brown shades to fill in my eyebrows!
However, not all colors are higlhy pigmented sadly. I found some colors to be a bit chalky, but with a long-lasting eye primer and a good blending brush, it can be the solution.Overall this palette is great for anyone who is starting makeup or want a versatile palette with neutral shades for day/night.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Fresh Start | Re-introducing PrimadonnaGlamGirl

Hello, everyone! It has been over a year that I haven't written anything for my blog or posted any Youtube videos, and the reason behind that was because I fell out of love for my own content and creativity. I've decided to discontinue creating Youtube videos and focus on relaunching my blog with a major makeover. I took a year off to focus on college and other personal situations.

 Within that time period, I've decided to give my blog another chance and give it a facelift. I've redesigned my blog and bought my own domain name: PrimadonnaGlamGirl. I also wanted to start fresh and create this post as my first for my new relaunched blog! I want this blog to represent myself and hopefully, I can relate to readers with some of my writing. My content will not only focus on beauty and fashion but a lifestyle content of a college girl in her early twenties living in Miami. I love to share all my beauty tricks, fashion finds, and my current obsessions such as books, restaurants and music. I hope you guys will enjoy my future post. Till next time! xo

Welcome to PrimedonnaGlamGirl